DIY vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

Some people take the DIY approach to save money. While there is nothing wrong with being self-reliant, when it comes to carpet cleaning, it is advisable to rely on the services of a professional.

If steam cleaning isn’t performed correctly, the carpet and padding can get soaked, encouraging mould and mildew growth. Another issue is that people often use too much detergent, which leaves dirt-attracting residue in their carpets. If not done correctly a carpet can end up in a worse condition.

To really get a carpet clean and to achieve amazing results, use a Professional Steam Cleaning Service. To maximize the results of steam cleaning, hire a professional carpet cleaner to get the job done right.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Nearly all carpet and carpet fibre manufacturers recommend steam cleaning, and for good reason. Steam cleaning is the only true deep cleaning method for carpets. Steam isn’t actually used because the temperature of the cleaning solution never gets high enough to generate steam. However, a spray made with hot water and detergent is applied to the carpet to dissolve dirt, dust, grease and debris. A powerful vacuum is used to remove the water and dirt. 

Other carpet cleaning methods only clean the surface of your carpet and are incapable of removing dirt from deep in the carpet pile. Moreover, other carpet cleaning methods tend to leave detergent residue on the carpet. 

Steam cleaning is the best way to clean your carpets because not only does it remove dirt, it also removes allergens. This method is particularly advantageous in homes and commercial buildings with tightly woven carpets that trap dirt that a normal vacuum isn’t capable of removing.

Steam cleaning is also beneficial for homes with pets. Steam cleaning sanitizes and deodorizes your carpet, so it looks and smells as good as new again.

Why Carpet Cleaning Is Crucial

Maintaining a clean carpet is critical for asthma and allergy sufferers, as well as people with small children. If you have a baby who crawls, for instance, giving your carpet a deep clean on a regular basis is important because babies put their hands in their mouths often. By keeping your carpet clean, you’ll help to keep your baby healthy. 

If your carpet is dirty, it also affects the indoor air quality of your home. A carpet with a lot of dirt, dust, and dust mite excrement may release allergens into the air that trigger asthma, eczema, and allergic nasal mucous membrane inflammations.

Normal Vacuuming alone cannot remove and kill off these harmful germs and remove the smelly dirt deep in the carpet pile. Our professional carpet cleaners and our 15 stage carpet cleaning process will remove the dirt deep into the pile while the steam kills off germs and infections, leaving a nice smelling healthy clean carpet.

It is always better to outsource your carpet cleaning?

Carpeting and Rugs, while soft and enjoyable to walk on, can be a headache to maintain without the right equipment. If they are not cared for properly, carpets can become unsightly and smelly, as well as harbour allergens. Vacuuming is essential to maintaining your carpet, as it helps to remove dirt from the surface and keeps the level of soil in the carpet pile at an acceptable level. However, vacuuming alone will not maintain the appearance of your carpet.

Residential carpets need to be deep cleaned approximately every 12 to 18 months, depending on the amount and type of activity, the colour of the carpet, the type of fibre, etc. Carpets in commercial buildings typically need to be cleaned more frequently because of the heavy foot traffic.

It is, of course, possible to rent small carpet cleaning units and clean your carpets by yourself, but these small units are not as effective as the commercial carpet cleaning units that professional carpet cleaners use. To completely remove trapped residues and soil from your carpet, it is necessary to hire a professional carpet cleaner.

Not only will we get the job done right and leave your home and carpet clean and stain free, it will also give you much more me-time as it is one less job that you have to do yourself.

Beware Scam Carpet Cleaners

There are thousands of highly professional and totally honest carpet cleaning companies in the UK. Unfortunately, as with other trades, there are some unscrupulous operators.


The main scam that plagues the carpet cleaning industry is known as “bait and switch”. The way the scam works is that they attract potential customers with incredibly low prices, however, they have no intention of honouring that price.

Once in your home, the so called “professional” carpet cleaner, who is often a salesman, will attempt to force the price up by insisting that you need additional extras that aren’t included in their low price. For example, a pre-spray treatment for the traffic lane areas.

Now a legitimate carpet cleaner, like ourselves, offer these services but they will be outlined at the quotation stage. We offer a 15 stage cleaning process and each step is identified here. With the bait and switch scam you are put under pressure by the salesman, aka the professional carpet cleaner, to accept these services while the operator is already in your home.

It is not hard to spot these scams, after all, if something seems too good to be true then it usually is. Adverts for £10 a room, for example, should be viewed with suspicion. Ask yourself how someone can earn a living and run a business while charging rates that low. A professional operator will have adverting costs, vehicle costs, equipment costs etc; they couldn’t survive at those rates. If the other companies you are phoning are quoting you around £100 for the work you have described on the phone and then you receive a price of £20 from someone else you should proceed with caution.

Professional carpet cleaning companies, like ourselves, are fully trained and insured and will provide a fixed quotation for the work required, they are a credit to the industry. Unfortunately, there will always be a few bad apples and the more people that are made aware of this scam the quicker it can be eradicated.

Carpet Stain Removal

Carpet stains can be notoriously hard to remove. Carpet stain removal should only be carried out by trained and experienced technicians, who understand the chemistry involved in dealing with the many varied types of water-based or oil-based stains.


Your carpet is an expensive purchase, consider calling a professional before you reach for that bottle of stain remover from the kitchen cupboard – if they were effective at dealing with carpet stain removal we would be using them ourselves, instead of the 20 or so specialist products that we carry for all eventualities.

Unfortunately, in many instances, we only receive call or emails about carpet stains after the customer has attempted to deal with the stain themselves, using a “under the kitchen sink” product or even bleach. This invariably causes more damage and in certain circumstances can set the stain permanently.

In many instances, our technician will not be dealing with a stain but rather a dye contained within the product that was spilt.

Take coffee for example – a common spillage in homes. Coffee contains a natural tanning agent which can permanently dye the carpet if not dealt with correctly.

Doing more than just remove dirt and odours!

Cleaning the carpets in your office does a more than just remove dirt and odours!

A clean carpet in your office is vital for a wholesome work environment. You and your employees spend hours each and every-day in your working environment. Keeping your office clean is not only a cosmetic matter, but additionally an expense in the health and well-being of your office workers.

Dust and allergens get trapped in the restricted weaves of carpet. A once-over with a vacuum cleaner may be enough to remove floor dirt and those hole punch bits from the floor but it’s not enough to really get your carpets cleaned.

The safety and hygiene of your workplace may be gradually declining, as allergens, dirt and dust build-up in your carpet. I mean… do you know what your employees have trodden in on the way to work? Professional deep cleaning of carpets employs high-powered ways to carry the dirt, dust and allergens out of your carpets. Professional cleaning could prolong the life of your carpet by removing much more than surface contaminants saving you costly bills having your carpet replaced.

Professional carpet cleaning can give new life to your office carpets and defend an expensive investment.

Having your present carpets appropriately cleaned on a regular basis can reward the work environment and protect your investment. Deep cleaning and protective coatings can bring your office carpet back to life and help keep your employees healthy.

You and your employees will be able to complete their best work when everyone feels good and is able to come in to a clean, healthy work environment.