Cleaning Process

At Class Carpets, we operate a fifteen-step carpet cleaning process. Once you have made a booking, click here for more information about booking a carpet cleaner.

  1. Inspection

    Our advisor/technician will do a walk-through inspection with you in the area to be cleaned to check for Soiling, Fixings, Seams, Backings to decide cleaning method and advise you on the best method. This stage is done during a home visit and quotation.

  2. Fibre Test

    During the quotation and inspection on the area to be cleaned a fibre sample will be taken. Don’t worry this doesn’t mean cutting a lump out of your carpet. Fibre testing helps to determine the correct cleaning solution to use to ensure the best carpet clean. A fibre test may also be taken in area of stains, this will also determine if stains are removable.

  3. Dye Test

    Before the carpet can be cleaned we will do a dye pH dye test on your carpet. All colours must be chemically pH tested to ensure correct cleaning solution and to ensure the best possible clean.

  4. Power Vacuum

    Firstly and most importantly the carpet is vacuum cleaned to remove as much dry dirt as possible.  This stage of the carpet cleaning process extracts dust and grit and other dry soil in the carpet to prevent turning dust into a muddy residue during the wet cleaning process. This greatly assists the wet cleaning process.

  5. Furniture Moving

    Sofas, tables and chairs will be carefully moved. Larger pieces such are beds and dressers are left in place as part of our standard clean. If these are to be moved an additional charge may occur.

  6. Treat Stains

    Stains and marks on the carpet are spot treated using appropriate solutions and cleaned by hand if necessary, this will help soften and loosen the stain prior to cleaning.

  7. Pre-Treatment

    We use a special carpet pre-treatment cleaning agent in areas of traffic, this cleaner helps dissolve and remove greasy soils from the carpet.

  8. Carpet Grooming

    The traffic areas of the carpet are groomed using a carpet groomer. The grooming process agitates dirt and soil build-up deep in the carpet pile.

  9. Deep Cleaning

    Your carpets are cleaned using our state-of-the-art carpet cleaner. This uses high pressure hot water and detergents to clean and sanitise deep into the carpet pile. This system method is described and decided at Inspection stage.

  10. Dry Pass

    Using the same high suction machine as the deep clean, we go over the carpets once more but on a dry pass, which means without the steam active. This removes further dirt and more water from the carpet to aid with faster drying times.

  11. Post-Cleaning (by hand)

    Edges of your carpet, stains and other inaccessible areas are cleaned by hand using an appropriate method and chemical.

  12. Realign pile

    After you carpet has been cleaned but is slightly damp we will realign the carpet pile using a carpet grooming brush. Realigning the carpet pile aids in drying and the appearance of the carpet.

  13. Turbo Dry

    Our Turbo drying systems leave the area in a usable condition, so minimising inconvenience to you.

  14. Furniture Relocation

    Any furniture that was moved in the room is now relocated back to its original position.

  15. Final Inspection

    As in the first stage, our carpet cleaning technician will walk you through your home and make sure you are completely thrilled with the job.

At Class Carpets, our fully trained technicians operate using this 15 stage process. This type of clean CANNOT be achieved with a regular vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner or carpet cleaner you can hire. Only a trained technician such as a Class Carpet Cleaner can achieve this level of clean.