Stain Removal Service

At Class Carpets, our standard 15 stage carpet cleaning process will remove most stubborn stains from your carpet, however, we regularly receive phone calls and emails asking for advice and if we offer carpet stain removal services. The answer is we do, and it is part of our standard carpet cleaning process.

We will do our best to treat and remove carpet stains from your carpet while cleaning the carpet in the room. We only offer a Carpet Stain Removal Service with a complete carpet clean, as once we have removed the stain from the carpet, the part where the stain was will be considerably cleaner than the rest of the carpet in the room, this area will then stand out more that the initial stain did against the dirty carpet.

Unfortunately, in many instances, we only receive calls or emails about carpet stains after the customer has attempted to deal with the stain themselves, using an “under the kitchen sink” product or even bleach. This invariably causes more damage and in certain circumstances can set the stain permanently.

At Class Carpets we are expert carpet cleaners and regularly deal with accidents and stains to carpets caused by children, pets, family and friends, including pet urine stains, make-up stains, blood stains, vomit stains, oil stains and shoe polish. All these stains require different removal techniques and in some cases more than one application.

For your reference, permanent hair dye spilt on a carpet is just that, a permanent dye! The chances of removing it are slim, although we may be able to lighten it.

If you must attempt carpet stain removal, use COLD water sparingly and always BLOT the stain from the outside in – and NEVER SCRUB the stain as this will spread the stain further and distort the carpet pile.