How to measure your room

To get the best estimate possible for your carpet cleaning it is important to measure your room accurately. Measuring the carpet to be cleaned is very similar to measuring your floor when getting a new carpet laid.

Learn how to measure your home for carpet cleaning in 3 simple steps.

Step One

Draw a simple diagram of your home, this is your floor plan. The drawing doesn’t have to be perfect as it is for your reference but the measurements need to be accurate. Just a simple drawing with all the rooms shown is all you need. If you have a two-storey home, then do two drawings, one for upper, one for lower.


Above is an example floor plan with a Lounge, Foyer and open plan kitchen diner.

Step Two

Now you need to measure each room and write down the measurements on your diagram. You will need a tape measure for this and a friend or family member would also be helpful.

Always measure the widest point and longest point of your room and measure in a straight line.

Round up each measurement to the nearest 1/2 metre. If your tape measure is in cm then simply divide the measurement by one hundred as 100cm is a metre, for example a 245cm length would be 2.45metres rounded to 2.5m.


In the above example you can see we have measured the open plan kitchen and dining room together as they would both been cleaned, however if you have a waterproof flooring in your kitchen then you would only measure up to the waterproof flooring as this would not be cleaned ie in the above example it would be 3 x 3 metres.

Step Three

Send the measurements to us for an estimate.

Living room 4 x 3.5
Foyer 2.5 x 3.5
Kitchen Diner 6 x 3
Bedroom 2 x 3
Bedroom 4 x 2
….. etc

Oddly Shaped Room

What if my room isn’t square or rectangular, how do I measure the carpet??

If your room isn’t a normal shape, or you have a rounded window space or your conservatory is oddly shaped,¬†simple measure the room in the same way and measure the longest lengths. For example:



A final estimate and quote will be given on the day of cleaning before cleaning can commence when we check the measurements.

In extreme cases you could split a room into sections to measure. For example see the below diagram and note the red lines.