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Doing more than just remove dirt and odours!

Cleaning the carpets in your office does a more than just remove dirt and odours!

A clean carpet in your office is vital for a wholesome work environment. You and your employees spend hours each and every-day in your working environment. Keeping your office clean is not only a cosmetic matter, but additionally an expense in the health and well-being of your office workers.

Dust and allergens get trapped in the restricted weaves of carpet. A once-over with a vacuum cleaner may be enough to remove floor dirt and those hole punch bits from the floor but it’s not enough to really get your carpets cleaned.

The safety and hygiene of your workplace may be gradually declining, as allergens, dirt and dust build-up in your carpet. I mean… do you know what your employees have trodden in on the way to work? Professional deep cleaning of carpets employs high-powered ways to carry the dirt, dust and allergens out of your carpets. Professional cleaning could prolong the life of your carpet by removing much more than surface contaminants saving you costly bills having your carpet replaced.

Professional carpet cleaning can give new life to your office carpets and defend an expensive investment.

Having your present carpets appropriately cleaned on a regular basis can reward the work environment and protect your investment. Deep cleaning and protective coatings can bring your office carpet back to life and help keep your employees healthy.

You and your employees will be able to complete their best work when everyone feels good and is able to come in to a clean, healthy work environment.