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Beware Scam Carpet Cleaners

There are thousands of highly professional and totally honest carpet cleaning companies in the UK. Unfortunately, as with other trades, there are some unscrupulous operators.


The main scam that plagues the carpet cleaning industry is known as “bait and switch”. The way the scam works is that they attract potential customers with incredibly low prices, however, they have no intention of honouring that price.

Once in your home, the so called “professional” carpet cleaner, who is often a salesman, will attempt to force the price up by insisting that you need additional extras that aren’t included in their low price. For example, a pre-spray treatment for the traffic lane areas.

Now a legitimate carpet cleaner, like ourselves, offer these services but they will be outlined at the quotation stage. We offer a 15 stage cleaning process and each step is identified here. With the bait and switch scam you are put under pressure by the salesman, aka the professional carpet cleaner, to accept these services while the operator is already in your home.

It is not hard to spot these scams, after all, if something seems too good to be true then it usually is. Adverts for £10 a room, for example, should be viewed with suspicion. Ask yourself how someone can earn a living and run a business while charging rates that low. A professional operator will have adverting costs, vehicle costs, equipment costs etc; they couldn’t survive at those rates. If the other companies you are phoning are quoting you around £100 for the work you have described on the phone and then you receive a price of £20 from someone else you should proceed with caution.

Professional carpet cleaning companies, like ourselves, are fully trained and insured and will provide a fixed quotation for the work required, they are a credit to the industry. Unfortunately, there will always be a few bad apples and the more people that are made aware of this scam the quicker it can be eradicated.

Beware Cheap Price-Chopper Carpet Cleaning Companies

We found the following video online from a US based carpet cleaning company,, which highlights the difference between a cheap “Price-Chopper” carpet cleaning company and a professional carpet cleaning company. This video shows the disappointing results of a “cheapest-price” carpet cleaning company and the difference that UltraSteam was able to make for the owner!

While UltraSteam use a slightly different technique to our cleaning system, ours will achieve the same, if not a better, deep clean.